Graph Analytics

class distill.algorithms.graphs.graph.GraphAnalytics

Bases: object

Distill’s graph analytics package. Apply graph algorithms to User Ale log data segmented with Stout.

static foo()

Statistics Package

class distill.algorithms.stats.hist.Hist

Bases: object

Distill’s statistics package. Apply statistical algorithms to User Ale log data segmented with Stout. Need to query/filter by session or user id.

static histogram(app, app_type=None, q='')

Only works on numerical data.

static terms(app, app_type=None, q='')

Group by field (find all elements )

static unique_terms(app, app_type=None, q='')

Aggregate the number of unique terms in a field. Missing values are counted and marked as “N/A”.


Need to incorporate QueryBuilder library instead of manually generating queries.

  • app – [string] application name
  • app_type – [string] application type
  • field – [string] field to search against for unique values
  • size – [int] the top size terms returned in the result. Default value is 10.
  • min_hits – [int] return tags which have been found in min_hits or more. Default value is 1.

[dict] dictionary of results