Brew Interface

class distill.models.brew.Brew

Bases: object

Distill supports basic CRUD operations and publishes the status of an persistenct database. Eventually it will support ingesting logs sent from an registered application.

static create(app)

Register a new application in Distill

        "application" : "xdata_v3",
        "health" : "green",
        "num_docs" : 0,
        "status" : "open"
Parameters:app – [string] application name (e.g. xdata_v3)
Returns:[dict] dictionary of application and its meta information
static delete(app)

Technically closes the index so its content is not searchable.

Parameters:app – [string] application name (e.g. xdata_v3)
Returns:[dict] status message of the event
static get_applications()

Fetch all the registered applications in Distill.


Private indexes starting with a period are not included in the result set

Returns:[dict] dictionary of all registered applications and meta information
static get_status()

Fetch the status of the underlying database instance.

Returns:[bool] if connection to database instance has been established
static read(app, app_type=None)

Fetch meta data associated with an application

        "application" : "xdata_v3",
        "health" : "green",
        "num_docs" : "100",
        "status" : "open"
        "types" : {
                "raw_logs" : {
                        "@timestamp" : "date",
                        "action" : "string",
                        "elementId" : "string"
                "parsed" : {
                        "@timestamp" : "date",
                        "elementId_interval" : "string"
                "graph" : {
                        "uniqueID" : "string",
                        "transition_count" : "long",
                        "p_value" : "float"
Parameters:app – [string] application name (e.g. xdata_v3)
Returns:[dict] dictionary of application and its meta information
static update(app)


Currently not implemented

Stout Interface

class distill.models.stout.Stout

Bases: object

Main Stout class to support ingest and search operations.

static ingest()

Ingest data coming from Stout to Distill

class distill.models.stout.StoutDoc(meta=None, **kwargs)

Bases: elasticsearch_dsl.document.DocType

Representation of a Stout documentat.

save(*args, **kwargs)

Save data from parsing as a Stout document in Distill

UserAle Interface

class distill.models.userale.UserAle

Bases: object

Main method of entry to perform segmentation and integration of STOUT’s master answer table (if STOUT is enabled). Advanced and basic analytics is performed in the distill.algorithms.stats and distill.algorithms.graphs module.

static denoise(app, app_type='parsed', save=False)
static search(app, app_type=None, filters=[], size=100, include='*', scroll=None, sort_field=None)

Perform a search query.

  • app – [string] application id (e.g. “xdata_v3”)
  • app_type – [string] name of the application type. If None all application types are searched.
  • filters – [list of strings] list of filters for a query.
  • size – [int] maximum number of hits that should be returned
  • sort_field – [string] sorting field. Currently supported fields: “timestamp”, “date”

[dict] dictionary with processed results. If STOUT is enabled, STOUT data will be merged with final result.

static segment(app, app_type=None, params='')

Just support match all for now.

distill.models.userale.parse_query_parameters(indx, app_type=None, request_args={})